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  1. AcqWeb - Vanderbilt University
  2. American Library Association
  3. American Society for Information Science - Improving access to information since 1937.
  4. Art Libraries Society of North America- serves the interests of librarians, visual resources professionals, educators and others interested in arts information.
  5. Association of Research Libraries
  6. Berkeley Public Library's Index to the Internet
  7. Bethlehem (PA) Area Public Library
  8. Cal State University Library fullerton C.A
  9. CARRIE: a Full-Text Electronic Library
  10. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
  11. Cataloger's Reference Shelf - "A collection or 21 MARC manuals and other reference works frequently accessed by technical services staff." Produced by the Library Corporation.
  12. Cleveland Public Library
  13. Georgetown University: Special Collections Division
  14. Harvard-Yenching Library
  15. Hytelnet - Search Libraries All Over the World
  16. Information Technology Laboratory
  17. Internet Public Library
  18. James Ford Bell Library - Univ. of Minnesota
  19. Karpeles Manuscript Library
  20. Kemp Library - East Stroudsburg University
  21. The John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library
  22. LibWeb - Libraray WWW Servers - Browse Libraries Collections World Wide
  23. Library of Congress - Home Page
  24. Libraries on the World-Wide-Web
  25. Libraries Online! - an initiative of the Microsoft Corporation, the American Library Association (ALA), and the Technology Resource Institute to research and develop innovative approaches for extending information technologies to underserved communities
  26. Library Servers via WWW
  27. Lipstick Librarian, The - Everything you've ever wanted to know about librarians.
  28. Mt. Arlington Public Library - New Jersey
  29. Melvyl Homepage - The World-Wide Web interface for the University of California MELVYL System Catalog (which contains nearly 14 million holdings from 100 UC libraries and other California libraries) is now available for public use.
  30. Michigan Electronic Library - provides access and organization to thousands of information resources.
  31. National Library of Education
  32. National Libraries of the World
  33. New York Public Library WWW Server
  34. Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) OPLIN expands Ohioans' access to the Internet through 250 public library systems with T1 connections, Web services, electronic reference databases, and trained public service staff.
  35. Online Ready Reference System - a subject list of websites, arranged according to the Dewey Decimal system
  36. PRESIDENT -- Presidential Libraries IDEA Network
  37. Purdue University Reference Desk
  38. Rancho Cucamonga Public Library - Virtual Reference Desk
  39. Ready Reference Using the Internet
  40. The Richter Library Web Server, University of Miami
  41. Seattle Public Access Network (PAN) The Seattle Public Access Network (PAN) provides free public online access to greater Seattle government, community, business and visitor information.
  42. Spokane Public Library
  43. The Steinbeck Center
  44. Treasures of Florida Libraries
  45. Tulane University Library - special collections
  46. Utah Library Network Home Page [DDC]
  47. VIVA: The Virtual Library of Virginia Home Page
  48. Washington University Data Archive
  49. World Wide Web Virtual Library Library Directory - directory of libraries, library organizations and services, and library related companies on the Web.

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