After 40 years of rebuilding alternators, starters, and diagnosing electrical problems on automobiles, we know which parts are the best on the market because we do not run an assembly or production line. We build each alternator and starter individually and we work on the automobile electrical system so we know what bearing, rectifier, regulator, or solenoid works best.Your tests in your facility is not the same as having these starters and alternators working on the car because of different RPM, temperature, and driving conditions that these cars run under a daily basis. That goes for your bearing, regulator and solenoid.
Companies that are runing a production or assembly line do not see the automobile every day so they do not see the problems on the cars. First they have to build it cheap and then if it doesn't work their slogan is give them another one. We, AC ALTERNATOR, are here to do it right the first time with quality and big name brand parts.
KBC is top quality alternator bearing along with these JAPAN bearing NSK, WTW, NTN and NSK USA.. KBC IS also USED IN General electric motor, FAG the big German company also owned part of KBC. Some supplier just act like you are bugging them if you are not ready to place an order another problem is their warranty figure this out first you buy the parts, you pay the shipment, then you install it on the car leave. Two months later the car returns and the alternator fails. The part that you installed in the alternator is bad now you call up your supplier and you explain you have a bad part. Not only do you have to pay the shiping cost to send the part back to them, but still have to wait 30 to 45 days to get a credit back to your account. But wait a minute I just finished satisfying my customer by doing the job a second time to make him happy why should I have to pay that shipment cost twice and also wait 30-45 days to receive credit back to my account owe makes me happy.

CS 130 RECTIFIER. There are alot of claims on the CS 130 rectifirer. I have not found one yet that can't stand up to the original Delco. I have tried the ones from WAI, TRANSPO, and RENARD and they all fail. The last one I tried was from Renard. We bought 4 and they didn't even last three weeks. We put in the original Delco and they all worked just fine. In the next couple of months we are going to try the ones from Electro - Dyn electronics. Next, why should you pay more for off the market rectifier and regulator when you can buy the original rectifier and regulator for less than what some of the suppliers are selling them for. Check out QUALITY REBUILDERS,INC. They have the best prices in the industry. No one can beat that price.

SPEED AND QUICK RESPONSE. To the small rebuilders and auto electric shop that are selling to the custormers and mehcanic shops. Think of this for a moment when a customer or mechanic calls you for pricing an alternator or starter, they need a quick response. If you take to long to answer their question, they're going to hang up the telophone on you because they don't have any patience and they will call the next rebuilder. Just get this attitude straight in your mind, they don't need you. You need their business.You are not the only one in this type of business. So you need a domestic and imported application and identification catolog that can give you quick answers to their qustions. And being with the experience of 32 years that I have, the best one in the last fourteen years that I found to be pretty good and very minor mistakes is the one from Automotive Resource Corporation in Lafayette, Indiana, which is also endorsed by Wagner Alternator in California and auto electric suppliers in Florida. Your supplier that is making there own catologs and paying $35 to $45 only cater to their parts needs. You can't look up an applacation if a customer calls you over the telephone to find out which alternator fits on that particular car. I have checked out the one FROM AIM, WAI, AND CPC. Pay close attention. They only cater to parts that these individual companies sells. You should have a universal catalog that cater to your needs and the best one out there on todays market is the one from Automotive Resource Corporation in Lafayette, Indiana you can also buy it direct from them through their E-MAIL listing which is on this web site. I have used the one from Lester and there are to many mistakes in that catolog. They used to be good 25 years ago. You know how frustrating it is when one of your commercial accounts calls you up and you have to go on a 30 minute delivery and they find out you have the wrong alternator and you go back and make a second trip. Well, I had too much of those problems with Lester catologs and my time is money. I don't have time to be wasting and make second trip deliveries. I have spoken to a lot of competitors and they have the same problem. Since I started using the one from Automotive Resource Corporation in Lafayette, Indiana my problems have basically been eliminated. This is a catolog you must have and you should support because if you have all suppliers starting to write catologs you are going to have nothing but a catastrophy. This is an application and identification catolog. Be smart and wise .If a company wants to sell you something, let them send you their flyers or their catalogs. You shouldn't have to buy their catologs to cater to their needs. Remember you need a catolog to cater to your needs and customers so you can have a quick response to them. So don't let the catolog business go to the dogs.

We maintain in our data base 228 auto electrical rebuilders that also do diagnostic on the automobiles in our data base that we will be e-mailing information to as soon as most of them get an e-mail address

I was reading an article in the Orange County Register business section dated September 13, 1998 where it says consumer advocates are creating Web sites and newsletters that monitor company products and activities. So you also have the power as a auto electric rebuilder to speak out about your supplier what is good and what is bad. Remember one thing, your suppliers are not giving you anything for free. You are paying for the merchendise and you should get satisfaction and a courteous service. So service and attitude and replacement parts could improve and if you need space to publish your report about cheesy products just e-mail me and I can setup a page that you can make your report.

AC ALTERNATOR has been on the web just over 2 years now and we do our own programming and web hosting. We also have another commercial website that is called so you won't be stopped from publishing whatever you want to say about the industry. Our website is viewed around the world because we have the right key words about the automotive industry in the right spot concerning automotive repair in the top 8 search engines.

Here are some of the suppliers we use and the quality parts we buy from them and their attitude over the phone.

Ace Electric, llc 1 (800) 423-5555 all small parts Including bushing. the numbering system used and the bushing is one of the best in the industry. Ace makes the best fiel coil for starters in general. Paul,Chis and Bill at { ACE LA } are very professional people who understands the needs of his customers.

ASE SUPPLY 1-800-289-2737 O.E Nippondenso, motorola, motorcraft, Leece-Neville and prestolite parts including regulators and rectifier.
Vicki and the entire crew at ASE Supply are very courteous and professional sales people

Auto Electric Engineering,Inc. 1 (407) 727-1378 equipment and tools for electrical rebuilders

Automotive Resource Corporation -Lafayette, Indiana MAKES THE BEST Import and Domestic Application and Indentification Catalog

Dubois Marketing O.E CS130 130D Regulator, Rotor, stator, housing and O.E Ford regulator. also full line of KBC, NSK and NTN bearing including these popular ones 6000, 6000 wide, 6201, 6203, 6302, and 6303 also complete delco unit Kathi is a excellent sales Lady 1-800-253-5654

Component Parts Company, Inc. 1 (800) 626-0100 O.E Japanese solenoid and some Brazilian solenoid. Joe and Danny are very good salesmen.

E-MAIL JIMCO 1-800-821-7137 Diagnostic and test Manual

Metermaster Repair of test Equipment 1-800-241-4443 or 714-282-2580 Marion Rados

METRO AUTO INDUSTRIAL 1-800- 2638761 Nippondenso and Industrial parts

Marc's One is my number one supplier of starter drives in California. Excellent service and credit to your account if you ever encounter any problems. I endorse this company strongly.

QUALITY REBUILDERS,INC 1-800-342-4651 O.E Delco CS130 / 130D Regulator, Rectifier, stator, Rotor Lee Chaffin and his crew are excellent sales people

C.E. Niehoff & CO. 1(800) 643-4633 Manufacture brushless alternators

Renard Manufacturing Co., Inc. 1(800) 327-7244 . Over all Renard Manufacturing Co., Inc makes the best rectifiers in the world. !! Tech support from engineering department on specs is excellent.

Transpo Electronics 1(800) 327-7792 Voltage regulators, some rectifier,battery isolators, test equipment for rebuilders. First salesman Glenn Nolff is a very excellent salesman.Gus is prety good salesman.
Text support in engineering does an excellent job including Marcos and Dave.

Vensel Enterprises ( 800 ) 662-6099 Equipment to test, clean, weld, turn, undercut and solder
E-mail Vensel

WAI 1(800) 877-3340
Here are some additional suppliers. In the future I might be doing business with them.

Armorrcarsa (011)5832-72-9191

Auto Meter Products 1 (435) 283-4967

DST (Distribution Servis Tech.) 1(800)700-4378 Computer software, IBM based, for rebuilders

Disano Systems Group 1(800) 811-5473 A fully intergrated business system that is YEAR 2000 compliant

Elreg Distributors Ltd. 1(800)387-4078 Full line for electrical rebuilders

FIT Bearings 1(800) 388-8868 Bearings, oil seals