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Our service is designed to assist those that are serious about purchasing needed parts for reparing alternator and starter. AC alternator and auto electric can supply you with small Component parts for alternators and starters over the Internet. We are specialize in providing you with the parts & service you require to fix the alternator or starter your self and SAVE MONEY. Whether your aplication is domestic , import , marine or industrial { including forklifts }. we stock the parts you need.

Name brand parts like AC delco, Delco Remy, Bosch, Denso, Hitachi, Prestolite, Leece-Neville, Motorola, Iskra, Niehoff, United Technologies, Valeo, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case, Kubota and forklift.

ALTERNATOR Kits for older G.M cars 10 si 12 si 15 si and CS 130 alt. are al so available that include regulator rectifier bearing and brushes. All our parts is Quality O.E.M parts.CS 130 alt parts is O.E.

Small components parts for alternator, starter and forklift we supply over the Internet.

Alternator parts like brushes, bearing, brush holder with brushes, regulator and rectifiers.
Starter parts like solenoid, brushes, bushing, drives and contacts for Nippondenso gr starter.

Nippondenso GR starter like toyota GR, CHRYSLER GR , some Chrysler import starter, GM Import GR, ISUZU GR, John Deere GR, Massey Ferguson GR. Also Some PERMANENT MAGNET Starter. With the mileage on the vehicle and how many times per day you start the car we can give you an idea when you need to service these particular starters. Tractors and forklifts you need to tell us how many times a day you start up these units. (GR means gear reduction)

Give us the make, year and engine size of your vehicle. Also the original part number of the alternator, starter or regulator unit so we can supply you with the correct parts.

Its just like a 60,000 miles service on your car where you replace the timing belt, adjust the valve, change transmission oil so you don't break down. We have a pretty good idea when these starters and alternators will start to go bad.

Our shipping and handling fee is $7.50 in the continental U.S.A. only. California Res.Add 7.75% sales tax. Same day shipping if parts are in stock on all orders received by 2 p.m. PST
For international shipping and handling the rate are different. We will notify of the cost.

For payment method: we do not accept credit cards over the internet. You can fax us your credit number and a copy of your driver license which is more secure over the fax line or mail cashiers check or money order for faster service. NOTE: For security purpose we do not open any attachment file or read any e-mail that does not have a proper return address. we filter all e-mail before download. thank you.

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